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Derek Martin

Program Advisor
Faculty, Theatre

``We believe that students can and should become more spiritually thriving during college. We believe that students can and should receive a quality liberal arts education that equips them to think and behave well as followers of Christ.``

John Jackson, Ph.D. - President

In partnership with the Church, the purpose of William Jessup University is to prepare Christians for leadership and service in church and society, through Christian higher education, spiritual formation, and directed experiences.

JESSUP Mission Statement

Life as a Warrior

The Jessup Student Activities group is committed to engage the whole student in partnership with academics through multiple avenues of programming and media to continue their education, spiritual formation and directed experiences.

Did You Know?

In 1939 the Bible School that would become Jessup started with just 14 students in San Jose

In 2018

Jessup is home to more than 1400 students and almost 200 faculty.

Hope Focused

Jessup students and faculty work in partnership with the local church and surrounding communities to build a foundation of hope focused solutions that are beggining to answer some of California's tougher questions. Find out how Jessup can partner with you.

U.S. News & World Report

Ranked Jessup as the 7th Best Regional College in the West.

U.S. News & World Report Also

Ranked Jessup as the 4th Best Valued Regional School in the West

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