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Bachelor of Arts

Biblical Studies



B.A. in Biblical Studies
Bachelor of Arts
Biblical Studies Minor
Associates in Bible
Associate's Degree
Associates in Ministry
Associate's Degree



Career Options

Theologians and Thought Leaders
Christian Writer
University-level Faculty
Christian School Teacher
Bible Translation

Program Advisor

Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible and Archaeology, Faculty of Theology

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies provides students with a strong biblical foundation for viewing all of life through the lens of the biblical redemption storyline. Students develop skills that enable them to understand the core linguistic, literary, historical, and cultural contexts of the Bible.
Archaeology Specialization
The Archaeology Specialization (will require 12 of the elective units in the degree program). These courses are as followed: ARCH100 Introduction to Archaeology (3), ARCH210 Archaeology of the Hebrew Bible (3), ARCH220 Archaeology of the New Testament (3), ARCH475 Bible and Field Archaeology (3).

Learning Outcomes

Identify the core elements of the biblical storyline and explain how the individual parts contribute to and develop the storyline, and vice versa; Demonstrate proficiency in one of the biblical languages (Greek or Hebrew); Exegete Scripture contextually and meaningfully; Synthesize their biblical studies with their own personal spiritual formation; Articulate the importance and relevance of strong thought-leadership for cultural change.

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BIBL101 Old Testament Foundations
This course aims to present an overview of the background and contents of the books that make up the Old Testament, and to offer some reflection on the question of how they are best read together as part of the Christian canon of Scripture. It is most profitably taken in conjunction with Christian Thought and Culture I, which further explores in an extended manner how the Bible functions as an intrinsic part of the Scriptural rule of faith and life for the Christian.
BIBL104 New Testament Foundations
BIBL349 Hermeneutics
THEO451 Christian Theology
BIBL210 New Testament in its Cultural Context
BIBL211 Hebrew Bible in its Cultural Context
THEO340 Theology of the Hebrew Bible
THEO360 Theology of the New Testament
Upper Division Bible Electives—Textual Studies
BIBL480 Bible & Spiritual Formation
BIBL490 Advanced Biblical Studies Seminar
BIBL498 Biblical Studies Capstone
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