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Master of Arts in Leadership

“From backstage to onstage, you will learn how to create theatre from concept to performance in a department valuing a strong theological aesthetic and an entrepreneurial spirit.”


Program Overview

The Christian Ministry concentration of our online Master’s in Leadership addresses the need for ministry-specific leadership training, equipping leaders with a unique spiritual formation curriculum, adaptable to church or society and applicable to real-life experiences. The fully online Master’s in Christian Ministry Leadership is a customizable program that allows candidates to tailor their educational curriculum to meet their specific career goals and areas of interest while balancing biblical, professional, and personal development objectives. Online delivery and 20 units of customized coursework make it attractive to ministry leaders with busy schedules and ministry-specific goals. To learn more about how William Jessup University’s online Master’s in Christian Leadership can advance your career, use the form on this page to request more information, or begin your online application today.

Program Details


Admission decisions are made by the Graduate Admission Committee using a combination of factors, including academic degree(s), records and experiences. Applicants will be admitted to the program based upon enrollment availability and their ability to meet the following minimum recommended entrance requirements. All the following documents are to be submitted to the WJU Graduate Admission Office:

Graduate Application to WJU

Personal Statement
A 500 word personal statement describing why this program is valuable for your ministry.

Two Letters of recommendation
One letter addressing character and suitability for ministry; one letter addressing academic potential. Letters cannot be written by family members.

Official Transcripts for any completed Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees
-Official transcripts from a regionally accredited college or university verifying an earned baccalaureate degree.
-Official transcripts from every college attended.

Undergraduate 3.0 or better GPA
Official transcripts showing an undergraduate 3.0 plus GPA is an indicator of academic potential and success at the graduate level. Applicants not meeting this standard are not automatically disqualified; however they should provide an explanation of prior performance and describe the experiences and skills they believe indicate the ability to succeed at the graduate level. Official transcripts and any other supporting application documents that cannot be uploaded to the online application can be sent to:

Graduate Admission Committee
William Jessup University
2121 University Avenue
Rocklin, CA 95765

LDRS500 Personal Life of the Leader

This course equips students to serve effectively as reflective leaders. The course includes a comprehensive and holistic overview of factors inherent to the practice of Christian leadership as it pertains to one’s own mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health. The student identifies and strategically addresses some of their own personal areas for growth and wholeness.

2 units

LDRS501 Strategic Leadership Foundations

This course explores key foundational leadership principles and theories, particularly related to strategic thinking, analysis, and change management. Students assess their own leadership proclivities in light of the course material, and develop specific, strategic “next steps” for themselves.

2 units

LDRS520 Organizational Communication

This course guides students to understand the practices and theories associated with organizational communication. Students discover, analyze, assess, and discuss organizational communication principles that enhance both collegial relationships and workplace productivity.

2 units

LDRS540 Leadership Ethics

This course provides a forum for analysis, assessment, and reflection on core ethical principles for sustainable and quality leadership in the marketplace today. Students identify various ethical models and assess their impact on a leadership culture.

2 units

LDRS560 Organizational Leadership

This course provides a comprehensive, integrative, and practical focus on organizational leadership. It exposes students to the realities of corporate culture and proposes workable, culturally sensitive, and relevant models for organizational effectiveness.

2 units

LDRS561 Team Leadership & Conflict Management

This course examines the factors that produce conflict, the dynamics of conflict, and ways in which conflict can be managed appropriately. It includes an exploration of such matters as clashing expectations, incompatible visions, and conflicting values. Students develop their capacity to offer meaningful, sustained, and effective team leadership by means of successful conflict management.

2 units
  • Articulate core leadership principles.
  • Demonstrate strategic leadership competencies.
  • Integrate leadership with their chosen concentration or field.
  • Fulfill the outcomes and objectives associated with their concentration.
  • Senior Pastor (pastoring / leading a congregation)
  • Executive Pastor (managing / leading staff)
  • Church staff member (leading small groups, children / youth, men, women, worship)
  • Non-Profit Organization staff
  • Missions leadership (regional / international)

What can I do with a Master of Arts in Leadership?

The MAL (Christian Ministry Concentration) will help you thrive as a leader in a church, para-church, or non­-profit organization.

How long will it take to complete?

Because we offer the Master’s in Leadership online, students can complete the degree in two years, by taking six units in the Spring, Summer, and Fall each year.

What is the cost of tuition?

The MAL (Christian Ministry Concentration) costs $14,940; $415 per unit.

Is there financial aid available?

Yes. Government loans are available to qualified individuals who complete the FAFSA and are enrolled in a minimum of three units per semester.

Are there any scholarship funds available?

The University has several endowed scholarships, ranging from $500-$5,000, available specifically for ministry students. Applications are available during the spring semester and funds for successful applicants become available the following fall semester.

How many units am I required to take each semester?

You determine your own pace in the program but must take at least 3 units each semester to receive government aid.

How many units is each course?

Two units.

How long is each course?

Each course runs for seven weeks.

Do I need to be online at a specific time each week?

No. You may complete your work at times that are convenient for you. However, the courses are designed for extensive interaction between you and other students and the instructors.

How much homework will there be each week?

Courses are designed for 10 – 12 hours per week of work. Some students may work more quickly. Others may require additional time.

Will I be required to do group work?

Groups assignments are not the norm. However, every course expects you to participate in online discussions four days each week.

Who do I contact if I need help during a course?

For most questions your first point of contact will be your instructor. For technical support questions, please contact our IT department at

At the end will there be a thesis required, or final project?

Yes. The Ministry Concentration includes a 4­ unit Capstone Project that helps you integrate what you have learned in the program with a practical ministry project.

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Bachelor of Arts

MA in Leadership


Christian Ministry

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